Coming Soon!

This year’s Christmas/seasonal designs are going to be in my shop soon! (It all depends on if they arrive before or after I leave for a visit to the Netherlands with Maarten next week)… I will announce it as soon as they are available, but I wanted to give you a sneak peek.

A few notes:  I like to try to do one design that captures the spirituality of Christmas, and a few others that are more seasonal; this year I went with the theme of light:  light in the darkness and the light of a new dawn.

I order these as postcards to keep costs down; I’m working on a small scale and I try to make the price of Christmas cards a little lower as most people will need to buy more at once.  They are blank on the back and come with envelopes so you can fill up the entire back side with your own message.


dc-2601035-001  dc-2601034-001

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