The past year I made an attempt to focus professionally on my artwork but found that it lacked the social interaction and purpose I needed.  Also, I quickly realized that I really dislike trying to market myself and my work… the pressure of making money with it dampened the joy it has always brought me. And so, after much thought, I decided to return to school to become certified as a kraamverzorgende or maternity caregiver (as close as I can translate it). This decision means a 1.5 year commitment to a work-school combination that doesn’t leave much room, mentally or physically, for creative pursuits. I hope, once I have earned my diploma, that I can find a balance that will allow for both.

In the meantime, I’ve let my shop expire and I am not creating much of any new work. I do still have a lot of cards in stock, though, and if you are interested in purchasing some, click on my contact information to send me an email so that I can answer any questions you might have.

Here’s to new beginnings and stepping out of comfort zones!



New in my shop: a lovely quartet of animal postcards! 

Well it only took me six months, but I have an ETSY shop up and running again and I’ve updated my ‘About’ and ‘Contact’ pages.  Feel free to browse my shop (click on the page ‘SHOP’ above and it will redirect you there) or catch up on my blog. This is all still very much a work in progress, and both old and new products will continue to be added to my shop regularly in the coming weeks, so be sure to come back again soon. Enjoy!

New Beginnings

Moving overseas is no small task, and my emotional and physical energy have been almost entirely taken up by this for the past 6 months, leaving little over for creative pursuits. We’ve been in the Netherlands for 3 weeks now, and slowly, slowly, we are settling in to life here.  I can feel the creative urge tingling in my fingers again and yesterday I took the first step:  I bought a blank book – small, nothing too big or thick – just enough to feel inspirational yet not overwhelming.  I’m looking forward to filling it with impressions of the Dutch landscape and life here.  Just as I naturally tended more towards the mountains and forests of Montana, I’m sure my artwork this coming year will reflect the green polders, the water and the old architecture I am surrounded with each day here.  I look forward to sharing this new journey with you both creatively and personally.

I will be switching my Etsy shop over to the Netherlands and once our things arrive mid month I will be back up and running on line, with a few new projects up my sleeve for this fall.

Christmas Cards are up in Shop!

Click on the ‘My Shop’ page above to link to my Etsy shop and check out my three new Christmas/winter designs!

Coming Soon!

This year’s Christmas/seasonal designs are going to be in my shop soon! (It all depends on if they arrive before or after I leave for a visit to the Netherlands with Maarten next week)… I will announce it as soon as they are available, but I wanted to give you a sneak peek.

A few notes:  I like to try to do one design that captures the spirituality of Christmas, and a few others that are more seasonal; this year I went with the theme of light:  light in the darkness and the light of a new dawn.

I order these as postcards to keep costs down; I’m working on a small scale and I try to make the price of Christmas cards a little lower as most people will need to buy more at once.  They are blank on the back and come with envelopes so you can fill up the entire back side with your own message.


dc-2601035-001  dc-2601034-001

Last Year’s Christmas Designs ON SALE

I’m trying to move through the remnants of last year’s Christmas postcard designs and gift tags to make room for some fun new things this Holiday season.  There are just a few postcard sets left, but plenty of gift tags to stock up on!  Check it out via the link to my shop at the top of this page.

New Items in Shop!

I’ve been wanting to expand the selection of items in my Etsy shop beyond cards and now I’ve finally gotten around to posting some new flag buntings, perfect for all celebrations and so pretty you won’t want to take them down when the party is over!  Check them out (and a few new-ish card designs) by clicking on the ‘My Shop’ link at the top of the page!

Valentines are in!

I’ve had so much fun working on this sweet little set of Valentines.  Now I’m excited to share them with you… click on ‘My Shop’ at the top of the page to see the listing on my Etsy Shop.


Coming Soon to my Etsy Shop…

I am so excited to finally be ordering some new things to put up in my Etsy shop…  Take a peek and get ready to order some beautiful Christmas postcards, canning labels and bookplates!  I also had so much fun with the ‘Somers Skyline’ postcard designs.  I will let you know when they are available!Woodland Christmas I

.Woodland Christmas IIWoodland Christmas IIIHoly Nativity


Somers Water Tower

Somers Bay Cafe

Somers Church

Bookplate Princess

Bookplate Knight

Homemade Sweet

Homemade Savory

Cards Now in Local Shops!

I’m happy to announce that my cards are now available at Bookworks in Whitefish and Imagination Station in both Whitefish and Kalispell!

Go check them out!