New Beginnings

Moving overseas is no small task, and my emotional and physical energy have been almost entirely taken up by this for the past 6 months, leaving little over for creative pursuits. We’ve been in the Netherlands for 3 weeks now, and slowly, slowly, we are settling in to life here.  I can feel the creative urge tingling in my fingers again and yesterday I took the first step:  I bought a blank book – small, nothing too big or thick – just enough to feel inspirational yet not overwhelming.  I’m looking forward to filling it with impressions of the Dutch landscape and life here.  Just as I naturally tended more towards the mountains and forests of Montana, I’m sure my artwork this coming year will reflect the green polders, the water and the old architecture I am surrounded with each day here.  I look forward to sharing this new journey with you both creatively and personally.

I will be switching my Etsy shop over to the Netherlands and once our things arrive mid month I will be back up and running on line, with a few new projects up my sleeve for this fall.

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