The past year I made an attempt to focus professionally on my artwork but found that it lacked the social interaction and purpose I needed.  Also, I quickly realized that I really dislike trying to market myself and my work… the pressure of making money with it dampened the joy it has always brought me. And so, after much thought, I decided to return to school to become certified as a kraamverzorgende or maternity caregiver (as close as I can translate it). This decision means a 1.5 year commitment to a work-school combination that doesn’t leave much room, mentally or physically, for creative pursuits. I hope, once I have earned my diploma, that I can find a balance that will allow for both.

In the meantime, I’ve let my shop expire and I am not creating much of any new work. I do still have a lot of cards in stock, though, and if you are interested in purchasing some, click on my contact information to send me an email so that I can answer any questions you might have.

Here’s to new beginnings and stepping out of comfort zones!

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