January 26, 2018

Hello and welcome!  I’ve spent the last ten-plus years of my life talking about how I want to turn my art-hobby into something resembling a profession, and now, three kids later, I’m finally getting around to it!

My husband is Dutch and we lived from 2003-2012 in the Netherlands.  The Dutch culture and landscape that I came to love is reflected in some of my artwork, just as my love for Montana, where I grew up and where we lived from 2012-2017, also shapes what and how I paint.  I’m so grateful to be able to call two such varied and opposite landscapes my home; it has enriched my life and broadened my horizons in so many ways.

We moved back to the Netherlands in August of 2017, and this has been a difficult year of transition for all of us.  I took a number of months off as we settled (actually, we are still settling) into life here, but as I find the exhaustion and stress of an international move abating I have turned again to my artwork. I recently set up a new Etsy shop, updated my contact information, ordered new business cards and printed up some fun new designs to share with you.

I work mostly with acrylic and watercolor.  I tend towards small and detailed work, though I occasionally try to push myself into larger, looser styles.  That doesn’t always work but it’s a good exercise and invariably teaches me something new.  Greeting cards were a logical outlet for my artwork, as I love the utilitarian nature of them.  They are something beautiful that gets touched, opened, written on, sent, opened, and then (hopefully) displayed on a counter or refrigerator for a time, reminding the receiver that they are loved and appreciated by someone.  I love supporting the simple act of sending mail; taking time to physically write something to someone shows you care in a way that texts and emails simply cannot do!

Eventually I would love to expand into prints, notebooks, labels and other paper products that are accessible, affordable ways to bring beauty and art into your day-to-day world.  And hopefully, somewhere down the line, that children’s book I’ve always wanted to illustrate will materialize.  So stay tuned, there will be more developments as time goes on.  Feel free to browse the links to my blog and shop…Enjoy!


Ida Fischer

4 thoughts on “About

  1. thanks, Ida – I love the simplicity and reflected beauty in your cards! Thanks for sharing a set for the Raffle Basket – Cancer Support Community fundraiser – the Rad Ride – spread the word – its the ONE family friendly RIDE of the summer and lots of fun activities await the kids even after the ride and great lunch!

  2. Zo onvoorstelbaar leuk, om jou met je werk tegen te komen op deze manier! Zomaar een beetje surfer op internet en dan kom ik een van “mijn” gezinnen tegen. Ik heb bij jullie gekraamd, na de geboorte van Mylo, ergens midden 2010, als ik het me goed herinner !! Zo leuk, hoe gaat het met jullie? Lieve groet, Dorret Kuipers

    • Nou Ja, wat gek! Onvoorstelbaar! Natuurlijk herinner ik jou en alle lieve zorg dat je onze familie gaf na Mylos geboorte… ik weet nog dat ik moest huilen toen je wegging! Het gaat heel goed met ons, momenteel nog in Montana maar van de zomer komen we weer in Rijnsaterwoude terecht. Spannend voor ons allemaal maar we hebben er zin in om opnieuw een Nederlands avontuur te hebben! Mylo is net 7 geworden (hoe dat kan weet ik niet)! Heel leuk om van je te horen, en ook de lieve groeten van ons allemaal!

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